The brief artistic history of Timothy Daniel

Timothy Daniel grew up in Southwest Ontario, primarily in the Toronto area. After spending nearly a decade living abroad in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and London, England, Timothy now resides in Toronto, Ontario.

Timothy began with photography at an early age, learning traditional darkroom techniques as a teenager.  His fascination continues through adulthood as does his training. Mostly self-taught, Timothy has engaged with photographers around the world to learn as much as possible.  In 2017, Timothy also completed a specialized portraiture course at the London Institute of Photography in London’s famous ‘Brick Lane’.

Timothy’s influences come from a range of artists such as Richard Avedon, Scott Schuman and Canadian born Photographer Joey L.  Timothy’s personal work is done exclusively on analog film keeping his work as close to the traditional method as possible. That means from start to finish the negatives are developed and processed into photographs in a complete and 100% analog process.  His pictures have no digital enhancement that isn’t found in a traditional darkroom.

The themes in his work center around people in their natural environment or a similarly staged location.  His philosophy: it’s not just about capturing what you see, it’s about connecting with the subject, understanding who they are, what they have experienced in life, that is why Timothy usually sits and speaks with his subject at length before I planned shoot. This approach helps create a connection that allows for collaboration, where the artist’s vision is fulfilled by the genuine interest of the subject, connecting with the subject, then finally creating a photograph that represents the subject’s best truth.

All of Timothy’s work so far has been largely self-funded.  After working successfully in the field of enterprise technology for nearly 2 decades and a brief stint as a restaurant owner in Amsterdam, in late 2019 Timothy decided to make the move to being a professional Artist; after being recognized by the Canada council for the Arts in 2019 as an emerging Artist timothy is now working on obtaining his first gallery showing in Canada.  

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