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I believe that there is a certain amount of feeling that is in present on film that is simply not possible in a digital format.  I am a technologist through and through, my understanding of how the translation of light into a digital form is quite thorough; yet I was also trained from a young age in a traditional darkroom, so I am also quite familiar with the analog process.  The difference between a fully analog process cannot be rivaled because sensors can’t create a natural curve, or natural gradient; technology can only mimic these things – mathematically producing its best estimate of what a curve may look like. An analog process captures them as they are, purely authentic.  This is why I specialize in using analog mediums, it is the most authentic visual representation of the world around us. It is also why I use a medium format camera, to produce the most realistic image without bareling or lack of detail when enlarged.

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what our clients say


I had no idea a portrait session could be so fun, thank you!
Family Portrait Session
You allow your audience to truly engage with your process, amazing experience.
Commercial Designer
We are really grateful. We can't thank you enough for sharing your craft with us.
Make Up Artist
Your photos are stunning, and the process was so unique. Thank you so much.
Professional Model

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